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Awakening Your Creative Voice – Elsie Ritzenhein

Awakening Your Creative Voice

Women in a World of Possibility


Fans of Seth Godin, Edward deBono and C. Diane Ealy will appreciate Awakening Your Creative Voice, Women in a World of Possibility by Elsie Ritzenhein.

Are you ready to learn and awaken a more CREATIVE way of problem solving?

Everyone has problems in business and life. In our fast paced world, most women leaders rush to solve these complications without considering all of the aspects available. How can you develop a more holistic solution that supports the entire organization with creativity, integrity, fairness and dignity?

Imagine how much more you, your team and your family could accomplish if you had a toolkit to develop creative solutions. Inside this book, you can learn how to make inspired decisions and awaken your creativity for all areas of your life.

You will discover:

  • How to lead fearlessly from new perspectives
  • How to use your originality to get better results
  • How to build a creative culture in your business or team
  • Time tested creativity techniques for better long term results

What others are saying about Awakening Your Creative Voice:

“While reading Awakening Your Creative Voice, Elsie Ritzenhein became my hero.   As an innovator and leader in the field of education for over 52 years, her pioneering voice vibrates throughout each page, inspiring us to grab the opportunities available to us as women at this time of great change and to choose to be powerful, creative leaders. I recommend you read this book as a roadmap to shift your own life, and then buy a copy for your daughter—and your mom. I promise they’ll thank you.” – Debra Poneman, bestselling author, Founder of Yes to Success Seminars and Co-Founder Your Year of Miracles Mentoring Program for Women

“Written from the heart, Elsie shows how creativity leads to personal transformation.” – Alexia Parks, Founder, Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute

“Elsie Ritzenhein’s new book, Awakening Your Creative Voice guides the reader towards remarkable possibilities for those who discover their creative voice. Elsie offers support on the journey of overcoming challenges, discovering one’s own values and creating new ideas for an empowered future ahead. A must read for all modern women.” – Monika Burwise, Co-founder of Global Awakening Institute

“As the feminine spirit comes into balance on the world stage, the creative aspect of 21st century living is necessary for us all. Awakening Your Creative Voice is a clarion call to all women (and men) to exercise their creative muscle in the new stewardship (leadership) for our coming world.” – Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. author of Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water and Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward

Elsie’s creative teaching shines through each chapter of this book where she takes you by the hand and shows you the best ways to spark creativity for better outcomes. Elsie Ritzenhein, Ed. Sp., is an author, speaker, and respected pioneer in Leadership Consulting. She delivers life-changing material to shift clients painlessly towards a new, more fulfilling future. She is a champion of instruction of Leadership Creativity Skills that offer remarkable insights to problem solving.

“Elsie Ritzenhein brings her extraordinary insight and experience to this rich, delightful and inspiring work on the intuitive, creative and visionary power of the feminine. A must read for women of all ages who deeply care about their essential role as leaders, teachers and conscious creators.” – Sharron Rose, Filmmaker, author, The Path of the Priestess

“Awakening your Creative Voice by Elsie Ritzenhein, quickens our inventive spirit, points us to the natural state of being, and reveals the possibilities of space consciousness from which artistry arises. This book is an imaginative and resourceful guide for an inspired journey!” – Victoria Friedman, Co-Founder Vistar Foundation, author of Spirit Doodling: The Effortless Expression of the No-Mind. www.vistarfoundation.org

“This is a nurturing book—a visionary practicum. In the world of often harsh or glib advice of quick-fix methods, this book holds safe and sound space for the emergence of your voice. To the experienced leader, it is an offering, an invitation and a refreshing reminder. To the emerging leader, it is a generous guide for stepping up to the self and into the world with graceful power. Elsie Ritzenhein outlines an ecology of leadership that aims not just to sustain us but lead us to thriving. Nurturing creativity is and will be the measure of our true progress and evolution and of the new leadership that envisions it. This book is one such great envisioning and the voice of its author the great invoker of your own powers within. I truly hope you answer this call.” – Mila Popovich, Ph.D., Founder of EvolvED Leadership Chair, Membership Communications Committee, World Academy of Art and Science

“This book captures Elsie’s life, work, careers, learning, physical and emotional journeys, along with her many relationships and what each of them has gifted her as part of her whole being…. Her evolution over time and space and place is captured in this book that she’s birthed. With this work, she’s pulled every learning, emotion, truth, and toolkit to give to all of us. It is full. It is rich. It is a bible for the mind, body, and spirit. Those who read it will benefit—if not from the whole—from the pieces that ‘sing’ to them. And that is what matters.” – Leslie Wilson, CEO, One-to-One Institute

You will feel like you are being mentored as you read this book. Elsie has made the steps for creative problem solving easy and assessable to those that need quick, effective and time-tested results. This is a tool that every woman leader should have in her resource kit!

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